Users do not need cryptocurrency wallets to play and enjoy Moonscape. The game is designed to allow traditional gamers to partake in the action without any commitment to blockchain technology. That being said, to take part in the DeFi elements of Moonscape, it is necessary to have a crypto wallet. Metamask is highly recommended, for those interested.

Yes, any player can play Moonscape without having any cryptocurrency or NFT. Having those will improve the DeFi features, but most of the gameplay features will change very little. For those interested in getting MOVR and CWS, check out our walkthrough here. Check out the Scape Store to buy, sell, and trade Scapes.

Buildings in Moonscape have two functions. One is gameplay related, where players can upgrade various aspects of the game, including attack power and defense. The other is DeFi related, where players can partake in staking pools of various categories.

To move, explore, and attack, players use Rovers. There are several types of Rovers and each one has a higher level cap on certain specific skills. Rovers can also be turned into NFTs, and these can be traded in NFT marketplaces, adding to the benefits of NFT gaming.

MSCP is the unique Token for Moonscape. Players will be able to spend MSCP to obtain Moondust, the in-game currency of Moonscape. Moondust can be used to increase DeFi returns as well as various other improvements!

Players can use the DeFi mechanisms of the buildings of other players, benefitting from their staking options and pool, but also giving a percentage of their earnings to the allied players.

While it is possible, though certainly difficult, to fully destroy an enemy city, the city will not be lost entirely. Rather, the defender will see some of their resources stolen, but the city and all its functions will remain intact.

There are 4 types of resources. Players will find several resource deposits for all 4 types across the map. In addition, there are 4 special resource points with faster resource extraction, but those are guarded by fierce alien enemies.