Survival. Domination. Profit.


Grow cities
Upgrade weapons
Conquer the moon

In Moonscape, players explore a futuristic moon, enhancing their towns with DeFi features and receiving rewards for their time spent in-game.

Create your strategy


Grow your city to enhance your power.


Resources are limited. Attack Aliens and rival settlers to plunder.


Use your City's DeFi mechanisms to play-to-earn. Create NFTs of rovers and cities for trade.

Lighthouse Project

The Inaugural Lighthouse Project: Moonscape

This project is the first step in a cosmic wave of DeFi gaming spreading across the Cryptosphere. On the Lighthouse, users can find up and coming projects in DeFi Gaming to support financially and be rewarded for their effort. This first project is a resource management strategy game that takes place on the ruins of the future Moon.

Build and grow your city to enhance your power. Choose two types of features for each building, one to help you improve your city and rovers, and a DeFi feature offering attractive staking options. Build rovers and extractors to roam the land in search of limited resources. Upgrade your buildings and machines, while increasing your earning potential. All the cities can be turned into NFTs for minting, trading and selling, profiting industrious players.

Moonscape (MSCP) Token

MSCP will be the official token of Moonscape. Use it in the game to obtain the premium resource MoonDust. This magical material will bring great incentives not only to the purchasing player, but to everyone playing the game.

  • Seascape’s very first Player-Created-Coin!
  • Used to refine Moondust
  • Incentivized yield token
  • No team or advisor allocations
  • No large private investor allocations

Go to the Lighthouse to get your Tier today! Funding starts soon!

Investors and Partners