Survive. Dominate. Grow.


Make the Moon
Your Playground

Grow cities, upgrade weapons, and conquer the moon in this Lighthouse IDO web3 classic. Brought to you by Seascape Network.

Create your strategy


Grow your city to enhance your power.


Resources are limited. Attack Aliens and rival settlers to plunder.


Use your city’s development to participate in Single token and LP pools which reinforce gameplay. Trade assets you build up on the open market.

Lighthouse Project

The Inaugural Lighthouse Project: Moonscape

Harness the Power of Web3: Elevate Your Gameplay Experience in Moonscape

Experience the next evolution of gaming as web3 features revolutionize the way you play, interact, and thrive in the lunar world of Moonscape.

Build and Customize Your Lunar Town: Unleash Your Creativity with Web3 Features

Construct your dream lunar town with cutting-edge web3 technologies, allowing for customization and personalization.Enhance your town's infrastructure, acquire resources, and engage in a vibrant player-driven economy.

Collaborate and Compete: Join a Thriving Lunar Community in Moonscape

Connect with like-minded explorers, engage in fierce competition as you navigate the vast lunar terrain alongside a vibrant community of fellow adventurers.

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